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Volunteering and youth education

TotalEnergies EP Brasil believes in the power of volunteering and education in transforming our young people. For this reason, through Action!, TotalEnergies global volunteering program, the company supports “Trilha Empreendedora”.

How does it work? The program is the first volunteer project in the oil & gas sector, coordinated by the Brazilian Institute of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (IBP), promoted by the NGO Junior Achievement and supported by companies associated with IBP, such as TotalEnergies. The project promotes courses in entrepreneurship, financial education and preparation for the job market for high school students from state public schools in Rio de Janeiro, who are part of PROEMI - Innovative High School Program.

“Trilha Empreendedora” enables the coaching of volunteer employees from associated companies, who, after participating in trainings, are responsible for teaching classes in different courses and sharing their professional experience with the students. The main goal is showing these youngsters the importance of studies to their professional path and to obtain jobs in major companies. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “Trilha Empreendedora” was redesigned and gained a virtual format called “Trilha Online”. The digital project ensured the continuity of courses through the Google Meet platform, with online mentoring for students.

Some of the main courses of the program are “Conectado com o Amanhã”, which presents students with career options and desired behavioral skills in the job market; “Economia Pessoal”, which teaches students about personal and family financial management, advantages and disadvantages of using credit and investments types; and “O Futuro do Trabalho”, which focuses on the development of soft skills and talks about career prospects.






Sustainable Business

In October 2020, in celebration of Worldwide Environmental Month, TotalEnergies initiative to promote sustainable and environmental volunteering actions, Action! challenged companies from around the world to participate in the date. Thus, TotalEnergies EP Brasil and Junior Achievement joined together for a new partnership: “Negócios Sustentáveis”.

Developed especially for TotalEnergies EP Brasil, the program promoted the training of the company’s volunteer employees, so that they could teach online mentoring about Sustainable Business to high school students from state public schools in Rio de Janeiro. Volunteers shared with students knowledge about sustainability, sustainable entrepreneurship and how to create a sustainable company.

Investing in professionals of tomorrow

How can we think about the future of our society? TotalEnergies believes that we can do it by supporting the education and developing the talents of children and young people who will be the professionals of tomorrow. To this end, TotalEnergies EP Brasil initiated in 2015 a partnership with Instituto Apontar to support academic and professional development of children in situation of social vulnerability in Rio de Janeiro.

The Institute promotes academic, cultural and ethical training of children and adolescents with high academic skills, with the aim of expanding their opportunities. Through a program of technical education, complementary school classes and cultural activities, these young people are prepared to enter the job market, making new pathways for their future. TotalEnergies EP Brasil supported two of Instituto Apontar's main programs: Estrela Dalva and Alexandria.

The Estrela Dalva Program selects children with high academic skills from families in situation of social vulnerability and prepares them to enter excellent public schools and universities, with an approval rate of students of almost 90%. Over the course of two years, they have the opportunity to develop academically and culturally, through a program of complementary school classes, cultural outings, workshops, support for entrance exams and various activities that complement regular education.

The Alexandria Program provides academic and cultural support to students from the Estrela Dalva Program and fellows from partner private schools, from Elementary School and High School. They receive personalized academic support and participate in several workshops such as Oratory, English, 3D Printing, Stop Motion, Mathematical Thinking, among others.






Support to local communities

In line with TotalEnergies commitment to the development of local communities where it operates, TotalEnergies EP Brasil supported “Iluminando Ideias”, a solar energy project from the State University of Amapá (Ueap) carried out in the Franquinho community, in the Bailique Archipelago (Amapá), region affected by the lack of electricity. What was this initiative result? It was possible to promote the installation of solar energy panels in the community, bringing more sustainable and affordable energy to the local residents. The work was made possible by the Public Notice for the Renewable Energy Program, to encourage research, carried out by the Research Support Foundation of the State of Amapá (Fapeap) and by TotalEnergies, in 2015.

The project was responsible, with the support of TotalEnergies EP Brasil, for implementing a photovoltaic system adapted to hostile environments, in a community with a scenario of high socio-environmental vulnerability. The initiative provides drinking water for the entire community and allows new perspectives and opportunities for the economic, social and environmental development of these people and the region, in a more sustainable way. In the end, “Iluminando Ideias” improved the quality of life of the residents of Franquinho, which currently houses 15 families.